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How to Tame Your Negative Internal Voice

In this article, you will learn a number of practical and effective ways to tame your negative internal voice.  This is the internal dialogue or self-talk that runs a commentary of your life, which is often negative. What would it be like to stop or reduce this negative internal voice?  You know the one that […]

How to Set and Achieve your Goals in 2019

In this article, you will learn the 10 fundamental steps that will help you set and achieve your goals in 2019. If you are reading this article and it’s not January or even 2019, then you can still use this process to set and achieve your goals. Successful people set and achieve goals! It’s that […]

7 Great Ways to Reduce Anxiety Symptoms

In this article, I cover 7 powerful and effective ways to reduce anxiety symptoms. Anxiety is caused by thinking and imagining future situations going badly. One of the key ways to reduce anxiety is to change the way you perceive the future, especially the uncertainty around how things might turn out. The way you think […]

How to Overcome a Lack of Motivation To Do Anything

In this article, I’m going to cover 8 ways to help you overcome a lack of motivation to do anything.  If you ever need to do things but don’t feel like doing them, then this article will really help you. You will learn how successful people overcome a lack of motivation to do anything.  They […]

How to use the Presuppositions of NLP to Change Your Attitude

Many people think of NLP as a series of cool and powerful techniques for personal transformation.  However, it’s much more than that.  Behind all these powerful techniques is a number of presuppositions of NLP.  Just knowing these can help you make a profound and dramatic change in your overall attitude to yourself, other people and […]

The Effects of Procrastination and How to Overcome Them

In this article, I’ll cover why you procrastinate, the effects of procrastination, and how to overcome it. Procrastination is created by you, not by the activity. The resistance to doing something is basically a fear, often a fear of failure or a fear of rejection.  It can arise when someone tells you what to do […]

How to Overcome Fear of Rejection

Have you wondered how to overcome fear of rejection?  Perhaps this fear has been stopping you in your tracks.  Preventing you from making new friends, forming intimate relationships or gaining career advancement. The fear of rejection is an irrational fear that people won’t accept, approve or like you. It’s the idea that other people won’t […]

How to Write Affirmations that are Believable and Get Results

Every thought is an affirmation, especially repetitive thoughts you think often. We are bombarded with negative messages, especially from the media. Positive affirmations can help redress the balance.  To help you do that, I’m going to cover how to write affirmations that are believable and get results. Affirmations often get a bad wrap and many […]

How to Release Emotions using the Sedona Method Questions

Suppressing, repressing and expressing feelings and emotions are great options in some situations.  However, at times, you can get stuck in an emotional dead-end.  When this happens, it’s important to know how to release emotions quickly, easily and effectively.  Getting rid of emotional baggage is a skill that you can get better at.  The Sedona […]