The 10 Secrets for an Amazing Life

How to have an amazing life

An amazing life doesn’t happen by chance. It will happen when you use your time, energy and focus intentionally, deliberately and purposely.

An amazing life can be hampered by distractions, less important goals or a shortage of time or money. However, the biggest obstacle is often the lack of a clear goal. However, this and other things preventing you from living an amazing life can be solved with a little effort.

Here are 10 fantastic ways to create an amazing life. One that is meaningful and exciting to you.

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1. Decide on Your Priorities

Wanting to be an olympic athlete, astronaut and concert pianist in one lifetime is unrealistic.  The time and effort involved in mastering all three would be too great.  I love this quote from David Allen that states “You can do anything, but you can’t do everything“.

Warren Buffett recommends writing down the 10 goals that you most want to achieve in your life. Then scrubbing out numbers 4 to 10 and focusing purely on the first 3.   You can always come back to goals 4 to 10, once you have achieved your top 3 goals.

2. Get Started

The first step towards achieving any meaningful goal can often be the hardest.  A lot of people have reasons or excuses for not getting started. This could be a lack of money, lack of time or lack of knowledge. It might also be a feeling that you’re not good enough or worthy enough to achieve this goal. However, it’s important to realize that you already have everything you need to take the first logical step.

Perhaps you believe that this is not the best time to start. If that’s the case, remember that there is never a perfect time to start anything.

If you struggle to get started each day, then commit to doing a difficult but necessary activity for 10 minutes and see what happens. And do this even when you don’t feel like doing it. Once the motivation kicks in, you’ll find that one hour swiftly passes by and you’re now successfully doing something that is taking you closer to the life you want.

3. Spend Your Time Wisely

There are lots of ways to complete the same activity.  Sometimes the easiest way takes longer. Sometimes the easier way works in the short-term, but has negative consequences in the longer term.

Sometimes the quicker or best way requires more courage, feels uncomfortable or involves a higher level of skill.   However, if this allows you to do more in a shorter space of time and get better long-term results,  then it’s worth the effort.

4. Remove things that aren’t necessary

Start by removing whatever isn’t necessary. This could be responsibilities, distractions, less meaningful activities or people that drain you emotionally.

A few years ago, I was attending yoga classes regularly and also doing many other things to improve my health. The yoga classes helped a little, but I really didn’t enjoy it. So I ditched the Yoga and started leading bush walks or hikes around Sydney instead. I enjoyed this so much more. I was getting some exercise, meeting new people and doing something that made me happy and fulfilled. I was doing something for me!

So take a look at your life. Remove activities that seem to provide little value or benefit or that you don’t enjoy. It’s pointless doing all these things if they make you unhappy.

5. Deal with Negative Thoughts and Emotions

Achieving an amazing life can be challenging at times. Those big goals and aspirations will bring up negative thoughts and emotions and also feelings of self-doubt. That’s normal. It’s part of the journey and is to be expected. Just remembering this can help a lot.

When the road is bumpy, stay positive and solution-focused. Keep focussed on what you’re going to achieve. When you focus or pay attention to the negative and what’s not working, this will sap your energy and fuel procrastination.

6. Forgive

Forgive and let go of the past. Remember that past experiences (even the challenging ones) have helped you become who you are today. They gave you strength, resilience, empathy, and helped you build better habits and become a better person.

Also, forgive other people. This might include your family, friends or colleagues. Remember that they were trying to do the right thing, based on what they know and their mental state at the time. If their mental state was poor, they may have said or done something that you didn’t like and that you now resent. They may even regret their actions towards you, but find it hard to apologize or share that with you.

7. Replace Resentment with Compassion

Similar to forgiveness, you want to let go of any resentment for things that have happened in the past. This could be resenting other people or even yourself. Holding on to resentment will never make you happy. It can even create disease in your body.

So replace resentment with compassion and you’ll feel happier and your life will be more amazing.

8. It’s Not That Difficult

There is less competition than you think.  Look at how the average person wastes time at work and at home.  Most people do not have goals.  Most people fail to prioritize their time or get distracted easily.  The average person lives a comfortable life and then regrets it later.

You’re only competing against a small minority of people that have the same mindset as you, so success may not be as difficult as you think it’s going to be.

9. Adapt, but Don’t quit

It’s important to adapt and sometimes make dramatic changes in direction. Never quit, because there is almost always another way or another approach that will work better. People that live an amazing life adapt to changing circumstances, but never quit on their ultimate goals and dreams.

10. Be Happy Right Now

So many people think that happiness is like a deferred payment plan. They say “I will be happy when….”. Here are some examples.

  • I will be happy when I graduate from college and have some money.
  • I will be happy when I find my soul mate and get married.
  • I will be happy when I buy a house.
  • I will be happy when I become a manager or executive in this company.
  • I will be happy when I retire!

These things will make you happy in the short-term. However, after a while, they will become familiar and your level of happiness drops. You then start looking for the next thing that will make you happy.

Happiness is ultimately a feeling. There are things you can do to feel happier right now. I often find that it’s the really small things that make me happy, such as quality time with my wife, a good friend or walking in nature. It’s also the contrasts in life, such as having a day to yourself after being very busy for a few days.

Think about the little things that make you happy right now. It’s still important to strive for the things that will make your life amazing, but enjoy the journey along the way.

So in closing, if you would like your life to be more amazing, start by setting goals, establishing priorities, and removing distractions. Work on your emotions, especially resentment, and do the things that make you happy right now. Remember, there is plenty of time to have the life that you’ve always wanted. So use your time wisely and start applying these 10 secrets to an amazing life.

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