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Master your energy

Energy, much more than time, is what you need to achieve your goals and dreams. The number of hours in the day is fixed, but the quality and quantity of your energy are not. How would it feel to be able to do far more in the time available? In this article, I’ll introduce you to 4 types of energy and help you learn how to manage and master your energy.

Don’t Run Out of It!

Every thought, emotion, and behavior affect your energy either in a good or a bad way. The lack of it will negatively affect any activity. It could be studying, public speaking, working, exercising, or playing a sport. It is essential to be aware that your energy is finite!

So what can drain your energy? Relationships, certain situations, activities, habits, or obligations. If you want to perform consistently at a high level, it is crucial to use your energy more consciously, so you never run out of it.

Most successful people know how to engage fully whenever they need to. They also know when it’s time for rest and renewal. If you take no rest, your energy will start to deplete. It’s probably the most obvious with physical energy. When you exercise, you eventually get tired. You need to slow down or take a break. The same applies to the other 3 types of energy.

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Get to Know Your 4 Types of Energy

Most people think that there’s only one type of energy – physical. Actually, there are four!

When you experience different highs and lows, it is due to different types of energy. These different energies work together, and one affects the other. If you are aware of this, you’ll know what to do when you feel down. You will know how to master your energy.

Now, let’s learn about the 4 different types of energy.

1. Physical Energy

When we talk about energy, most people think of physical energy. Mastering this type of energy implies healthy living. Are you eating healthy food? Do you exercise? What is the quality of your sleep?

The lack of exercise, proper nutrition, and sleep will negatively affect your physical energy. Fresh air and sunlight will increase it. The one thing that is also important is your breathing. If you breathe deeply, you’ll have more energy.

What are the things that currently rob you of your physical energy? What are the things that are stopping you from living at your physical peak? Very likely, these will include some of the things I’ve just mentioned.

2. Mental Energy

How well can you focus or concentrate, and for how long? It depends on your mental energy, which is vital for studying, learning, or working. When you do a long stint, your focus and concentration will eventually start to wane. You become less productive. Why is that? Because your mental energy is finite as well. That’s a clue that it’s time to take a break.

What Is Robbing You of Your Mental Energy?

Ask yourself, what are the things that you currently do that rob you of your mental energy? What are the specific things that rob you of your time and focus? What is undermining your productivity in any area of your life?

Things that can negatively affect your mental energy and focus might be as simple as an untidy desk! Or notifications on your computer. You can be distracted by other people – friends, family, or work colleagues. Inefficient systems, such as a slow computer or internet, can also affect you.

Master Your Mental Energy

When you get distracted, it can take up to 10 minutes to get back to the level of concentration that you had before! So the vital question is, do you have control over distractions, and what can you do about them? Sometimes they are not entirely under your control, and you can’t change them immediately. But here are a few things that you can do.

Pomodoro Technique

This is a great technique! The way it works is that you focus on one thing for 25 minutes, and then you take a five-minute break. Then you do another 25 minutes, and then you take another five-minute break. You do this for four cycles, and then you take a longer break. There are helpful Pomodoro apps you can get on your phone, or you can use a timer.

Doing one thing at a time

Some people think that we can multitask. But it is much better to focus on one thing to the exclusion of all others. Avoid distractions as much as possible. Turn off notifications on your computer. It definitely helps!


Meditation is excellent for improving your focus and concentration. Doing just a little bit of meditation each day can really help improve your mental energy.

3. Emotional Energy

This type of energy is about how happy you are. Your emotional energy gets drained when you’re stuck in the past. Ruminating over and over again about past events is exhausting. Emotional energy also gets depleted when you have arguments with other people, especially prolonged ones. If you keep going over that argument in your mind, that doesn’t help either. Internal conflicts or hard decision making can also deplete your emotional energy.

What Is Robbing You of Your Emotional Energy?

Did you ever feel your body was fully awake, but you were emotionally drained? That was a clue that your emotional energy needed some attention. Ask yourself, what are the things that rob you of your emotional energy? What are the specific people, places, and things that prevent you from being happy and more joyful in life?

Master Your Emotional Energy

Above all, reduce stressful situations if you can. Find the things that continually seem to drain your energy and life force. The following tips might be helpful.

Focus On What You Want & Set Goals

One of the ways to improve and increase your emotional energy is to start thinking about what you want. Set your goals. It will help you change your center of attention. Your brain will have less time to think about past events and will focus on the future instead.

Deal with Unresolved Negative Emotions

Start focusing on any high-maintenance drama-filled relationships. Deal with people that have been upsetting you. Express how you feel! Releasing emotions is beneficial, especially resentment and anger.

A fantastic way to release emotions is the Sedona Method and you can learn how to do this in this article.

Counseling and therapy might be necessary if you’ve got some quite deep-rooted resentments or other emotional issues.

Imagine a Protective Bubble

Another great way is to imagine a protective, emotional bubble around your body. Imagine that nothing from outside can get to you through this protective bubble. Use this bubble to shield yourself from the negative emotions from the outside.

Highly successful people do this unconsciously. They have a way to prevent negativity from getting in. So, they maintain high emotional energy when things get tough.  You can do this too, now that you know how!

4. Spiritual Energy

The last type of energy is spiritual energy. This type of energy is all about what you see as your purpose in life.

When you have high spiritual energy, you have lots of creative ideas. You get answers to your problems. You have intuitions that lead you through life. You feel connected to nature and other people. Or God, universal consciousness, or some other form of spirituality. You’re really in the flow, and everything seems easy. It’s when the Law of Attraction really starts to work.

When you have low spiritual energy, you pretty much get the opposite. Spiritual energy is also finite, and it’s very hard to be on a spiritual high all the time.

What Is Robbing You of Your Spiritual Energy?

What are the specific people, places, and things that prevent you from fulfilling your highest purpose in life? Maybe it’s your self-worth or self-belief. Certain habits, behaviors, temptations, and weaknesses also take spiritual energy away from you.

Master Your Spiritual Energy

To increase your spiritual energy, focus on positive feelings. Send these out to the world, out to the universe. Remember that the universe picks up on feelings much more than anything else.

Focus more on providing value to others. This is a great way to get you out of your own head and connect you with a higher power, whatever that higher power is for you.

In Conclusion

In reality, these four different types of energy work together.

Since you now know them, you can try and boost each one in turn. Remember that it’s essential to lead a balanced life. You must balance your energy. Learn when you need to take a break and when you need to recharge. This will help you master your energy over time. You will be ready to successfully pursue your dreams and goals.

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Hope you are having a wonderful day!


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