How to Take Inspired Action and Get Fantastic Results

You may have heard about the importance of taking inspired action.  But what is inspired action and how do you know when you have it? 

In this article, I will cover the differences between inspired, regular and forced action.  They are all useful, but inspired action feels better, is less stressful and more fun!

I’ll cover how to identify an inspired idea and the importance of acting on it immediately.  I’ll then explain how to take inspired action and how to get inspired when you don’t feel like it.

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Guidance, Action and Manifesting

It all starts with a goal, intention or desire. You think about this often, perhaps visualize it. This sends a coherent message to the universe. The universe then provides guidance to help you make it happen. 

This guidance involves taking some action.  It may be a small or big step. But it will be the next logical step, even if it doesn’t seem logical right now. Think of it as the universe opening the doors to your success in sequence. Each door requires some action. This action then opens the next door.

Each time you take action, you tell the universe (and your subconscious mind) that you’re serious. The universe responds by showing you the next step and opening the next door.

Taking action and ideally inspired action is crucial to your success.  It’s the most important step when manifesting with the Law of Attraction.

How to Identify an Inspired Idea

To take inspired action, you first need an inspired idea.  How do you know if it’s an inspired idea or a normal one? Here are some clues.

You have a strong inner urge to take action.  It’s a gut feeling or intuition. The inspired idea will come with powerful emotions and these emotions are normally (but not always) positive.

You may not know why you are guided to take this action, but it makes sense and you feel you need to do it.

It’s impulsive rather than planned. It comes from the heart rather than the head. You know that when you act on this inspired idea that it will make you happy.

Why Is Taking Inspired Action Important?

The Law of Attraction is not magic.  You can use all the techniques such as visualization, vision boards, hypnosis or affirmations. However, without action, and ideally inspired action, your goals and dreams will not happen.

The universe and your subconscious mind will give you ideas, signs and signals. You might attract new people, situations and other possibilities into your life.  You might have an epiphany. This is a moment of sudden and great realization. 

However, unless you act on these ideas, situations and opportunities, then it’s unlikely that your life will change.

Types of Action

There are 3 types of action. These are inspired action, neutral action and forced action. All are useful.  However, inspired action is always best. It’s the holy grail of action taking! 

Inspired Action

When you are taking inspired action, you find that you cannot wait to get started. And when you do, work just flows! You can’t type fast enough. The ideas flow naturally and you’re in the zone. You’re in alignment with the universe. Time flies and you find it easy to lose track of time.

You feel inspired, elevated, energized and enthusiastic. You’re highly productive and it doesn’t feel like work.  You experience happiness and joy. More luck and good fortune comes your way.  It feels like the action is coming from your soul.

Your inspired action is taking you closer to reaching your goals. It often leads you to the next important step too.  Your action has a clear goal or intent behind it.  It’s not taking action to keep busy.

Inspired action does not always feel good.  It can be scary and take you out of your comfort zone.  It’s not always easy or fun.  However, once you have taken inspired action and conquered the fear, you will feel wonderful and know that you’re on track.  You’ll still feel energized at the end of the task.

Neutral Action

Neutral action comes with little or no emotion. It feels mundane or downright boring! Neutral action is often repetitive.

It’s following the status quo. You’re taking action because you’re supposed to, and without questioning it. And it feels like you’re on auto-pilot.

Neutral action is essential for staying alive!  Activities such as working, household chores, cooking and eating are fundamental to our health and survival.

Many neutral actions develop into success habits. For example, exercising regularly, saving each month or preparing healthy meals. These actions compound over time to give you an impressive body, fantastic health and a secure financial future.

Neutral actions can sometimes act as stepping stones to more inspired action.  You take an action that seems mundane, and this leads to the next exciting adventure! 

So don’t under-estimate neutral action. It has an important place and is essential for long-term success.

Forced Action

Forced action comes from the head, rather than the heart. The logical mind is at play. It’s taking action based on what you think or believe is possible.

There is often a negative feeling or fear behind forced action.  This would be a fear of losing someone, a fear of rejection or a fear of failure.

You feel out of alignment with the universe. It’s like you’re walking up the down escalator. You’re desperate to figure things out, rather than allowing them to happen.  And you’re very attached to the goal.

When taking forced action, you’ll feel stressed, miserable or tired.  You’ll feel like your life is not moving forward or in the direction you want it too. Forced action doesn’t feel good when you do it repeatedly. 

Perhaps you’re sitting at your laptop, staring at an empty screen. Hours go by and you achieve very little.  You have writer’s block. It’s frustrating and you lack joy and inspiration.  You’re confused or bored and feel drained at the end of the task. 

These are all symptoms of taking forced action.  The solution is to take a break, recharge, and then these tasks will feel more like normal or even inspired activities.

Can Inspired Action Change to Neutral or Forced Action?

The quick answer is yes!

Let’s say you start a new job. It’s exciting! You have interesting work, lots of variety, fun new people to hang out with and a chance to make a fresh start. You’re taking inspired action.

A few months or years go by, and it feels more like your last job. You’re still doing great work and meeting or exceeding your targets. However, it doesn’t excite you anymore.  You’ve moved from inspired action to regular action.

Then eventually, your job becomes a real drag. Every action you take seems forced. If you can get out of something or bunk off you will! That’s forced action.

When I launched Self Help for Life, I had an incredible amount of inspired action!  Now it’s a mix of inspired, regular and occasional forced action.  It varies depending on what I’m doing, how I’m progressing and whether I run into unexpected problems or setbacks.

Forced action is not all bad though. It will often lead to a decision to change. Many months of forced action in your job will lead to a decision that enough is enough. You’ll then take inspired action to look for fresh opportunities or perhaps change your career completely.

When my action becomes forced, I take a break and look at different or better ways of doing things. It gives me a chance to question what I’m doing and get back in alignment with my goals, dreams and my why.

How to Take Inspired Action

Here are some ways to help you take more inspired action.

Connect with Your Inner Guidance System

It’s easy to miss intuitive hunches, flashes of inspiration, or inner urges or nudges. To ensure that you don’t miss out, keep a journal.  Write down all your intuitive thoughts, gut feelings, ideas that come in the shower or when walking in nature.  Include things you hear in a conversation.  Note those “aha” moments.

This is your inner guidance system working for you.  It’s very subtle and easy to miss, especially when you pack your day with a multitude of things to do.

Take Action Now

The best time to act is as soon as you come up with the inspired idea.  You want to act whilst it’s exciting, and the idea fills you with energy and enthusiasm. 

The longer you leave it, the less you will feel inspired to do it.  Inspiration wanes with time.  Leave it for 6 months and you will feel less inspired, the idea will seem less fresh, your energy will wain and you’ll feel less enthusiastic

When you don’t act immediately, it’s easy to question the idea with your logical mind and find reasons it won’t work.  Remember, inspiration comes from the heart, not the head.

Taking action straight away keeps the emotional fire burning.  It increases your inspiration and enthusiasm.  You then naturally take more inspired action going forward. It helps you get in alignment with divine timing and seize the wonderful synchronicity that comes with inspired action.

Not every inspired idea will be successful.  So, the sooner you take action, the earlier you’ll discover if it will work or not.  One reason successful people achieve so much is because they fail often and they fail fast.

Having said that, ensure that your inspired idea is not foolish or creates an unacceptable level of risk.  Examples of foolish inspired ideas include:

  • Spending all your life-savings on buying lottery tickets.
  • Quitting your uninspiring job when you have no other income sources or savings to support you.

Another reason for taking action now is that the timing will never be perfect. It never is. So many people wait for the perfect time, rather than taking action and getting the rewards sooner.

When you take inspired action, it might seem scary or fearful. That’s okay.  Sometimes, it requires doing something outside of your comfort zone. This shows you’re serious and ready to take the next step. 

How to Get Inspired When You Don’t Feel like It.

If you wait until you are inspired before you act, you could wait a long time!  However, there are practical steps that you can take now to feel inspired, motivated and ready to take action.

Do a task for 15 minutes

Do the task you want or need to do for 15 minutes and notice what happens. Most times, your inspiration and motivation increases after you take action.  I’ve seen this happen frequently.

Reconnect with your Why

If you used to feel inspired and this has gone, reconnect with your why.  What are the reasons for following this path?  If you’re losing weight, focus on the end goal and the reasons this is so important for you.  If it’s building a business, reconnect with why you’re building it and the long-term benefits it will give you.

Take a Break

It’s hard to feel inspired if you’re tired, burned out or have been working too hard.  Take some time out to rest, recover and do other inspiring fun activities that will help you recharge and regain your motivation and inspiration.  Getting out in nature is a wonderful way to do this.

Consume Inspirational Content

Reading inspirational books or watching motivational videos can help you develop a positive emotional state.  They can reignite the inspiration that was inside you all along.

Find Success Stories

Find other people that have achieved what you desire.  It’s so easy to find success stories on the internet.  Listen to their stories, how they overcame the obstacles, adversities and struggles that you may be facing right now. This will really fuel your inspiration.

Personal Development Activities

Journalling, visualization or meditation can help you develop a more positive emotional state. Expressing gratitude is very helpful too.  I cover these and other personal development activities in this article.

Exercise and Movement

Exercise and movement are powerful for changing your emotional state too.  A few minutes of jumping jacks or dancing to uplifting music can rapidly change your state.

To Conclude

Taking action is the most important step to manifesting your goals, dreams and desires.  Inspired action is the most effective and enjoyable.

However, don’t wait for inspiration to flow.  Take action anyway and the inspiration will follow.  If it doesn’t, or you feel that the action is forced, then take a step back and look for another way.

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