What To Do When The Law of Attraction is Not Working

In this article, you will discover what to do when the Law of Attraction is not working for you.

I’ll discuss what “accidental attraction” is and then cover several exercises that you can do whenever you notice that the Law of Attraction is not working in the way you want it to.

Your feelings and emotions are a key driver in attracting or not attracting what you want. Feelings of lack or resistance can be the reason why the Law of Attraction is not working for you.

Learn how to change or let go of these feelings and you’ll start to attract what you want in your life.

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You are applying the Law of Attraction to the best of your ability.  You may be getting some small results (like manifesting parking spaces), but the big goals are either not happening at all or happening very slowly. Or perhaps, you’re even going backwards.

The truth is, the Law of Attraction is always working in your life.  However, more often than not, it seems to attract negative outcomes.  This is known as “Accidental Attraction”.  Here is an example of how this happens.

  1. You notice and pay attention to something in your life. For example a lack of money.
  2. You respond to what you pay attention to, often with negative emotions such as disappointment or frustration
  3. The universe picks up on these emotions and sends you more of the same.  So you get more disappointment or more frustration.
  4. These same emotions and energy attract back into your life more of what you originally gave your attention to.  Examples could be an unexpected bill, or an unexpected expense on your house or car.

The good news is that this works in a positive way too.  Take a look at the above example and see how you could turn this around.

So here are some easy and powerful ways to get the Law of Attraction working for you.  You might notice a common theme in all of these.

Focus on what you want

The Universe does not understand the word “NO”.  So if you focus on not feeling sick, then the Universe will bring you more sickness.  This won’t happen if you have the occasional thoughts of sickness.  However, it will happen if you attach strong emotions to thoughts of sickness.

So how do you change your focus from what you don’t want to what you do want? – Here’s an exercise.

  1. Grab a pen & paper (or use your computer) and write down 5 examples of negative statements that you regularly think (or say out-loud).
  2. List the emotions that arise as you think about these 5 statements.
  3. Write down the equivalent positive statement for each of the 5 statements.  This might require some creativity, so spend some time on this.  You are starting to use a new “mental muscle” that you may not have used for sometime now, so be patient and kind on yourself.
  4. Finally notice the positive emotions that appear as you think of these new positive statements.

Now, whenever, you notice the negative emotions that you wrote down in step 2, remind yourself of the positive statements in step 3 and notice your emotions shift.

Increase Positive Emotions

I believe that emotions are a key reason for why the Law of Attraction is not working for you.  Why? – because the stronger the emotion, the stronger the energy that is emitted to the Universe.  If you feel strong emotions of happiness, joy and fulfilment, then you will attract situations that bring you more happiness, joy and fulfilment. If you feel fear, frustration, anger or disappointment, guess what happens?

Unfortunately, we tend to be programmed to experience negative emotions more frequently.  This is purely habitual and can be changed.  Think of it like doing a new exercise program, but this time for the mind!  – Here are some ways to increase positive emotions.

  • Write down 10 things you are grateful for in your life right now.  Read them back to yourself and really experience what these feel like.
  • Start focussing more on the positive things in your life and in the world generally.  You attract what you pay attention to, so it’s time to only pay attention to the things that will help you.
  • Do jumping jacks (or some other brief exercise) whenever you experience negative emotions.  Just the act of moving, immediately lifts your emotional energy.  If you don’t believe me, try it now!  There is a reason why the word emotion has the word “motion” in it!

Let Go of Resistance

Resistance manifests itself in two ways.

The first way is by focussing on something that you do not yet have in your life.   When you do this, you emit an energy of “lack”.  You do this by resisting your current situation and acknowledging that it makes you unhappy.

The Universe picks up on these emotions and gives you more “lack” in return.  This is often how people get stuck.  This feeling of lack or desperation also gets picked up by other people as well.  This is really common for people looking for a new job or soul mate.  In the case of finding a soul mate, have you ever noticed someone saying that “love comes when you least expect it”.  This happens because you have let go of the feeling of lack.

There are a few ways to consciously let go of these feelings of lack.

  • Acknowledge that you cannot directly control everything that happens or isn’t happening in your life.  By doing this, you will reduce the feelings of lack and send an energy of acceptance instead
  • Set “process goals”.  These are goals that are completely within your control.  Examples include, I will go on 6 dates this month, or I will take an evening course in public speaking.  You can also set goals for applying the Law of Attraction.  For example, I will repeat my top 5 affirmations, 5 times per day or I will spend 10 minutes looking at my vision board every day.  When you are taking practical steps towards your goals, it helps you to stop focussing on what you don’t have.
  • Choose to let it go.  This may be easier said that done, especially if you have a Type A personality.   Imagine the feelings of lack disappearing from your body and melting away can help.  We tend to think in pictures, so simple visualisations like this, can be surprisingly effective.

The other type of resistance is focussing on something that has already happened.   This could be the actions of another person (resentment) or beating yourself up for not doing something as well as you wanted to.  The easiest way to overcome this is to stop and ask yourself “why are you trying to resist something that has already happened?”  Tell yourself that dwelling on something that has already happened and is out of your control is pointless and will only attract more negativity.

When the feeling is resentment, remember that it is you that feels the resentment, not the other person!

Vision Boards

Visualisation is a great way to emit a powerful positive force to the Universe.  To test this out, I would like you to take a moment to imagine in graphic detail something that you really want in life.  Do this for 2 or 3 minutes right now.   Now write down the positive emotions that you are feeling as a result of doing this exercise. Notice how you have immediately changed the energy that you are emitting to the Universe.

A Vision Board will help you focus on what you want and generate the positive feelings that come from that.  The real power of Vision Boards comes from the positive feelings that are emitted when you focus on your goals and dreams.  That’s what the Universe will pick up on.  If Vision Boards seem a little “old hat” to you, then I highly recommend that you check out the latest Digital Vision Board Software.

The Key Takeaway

If the Law of Attraction is not working for you, then its highly likely that its your feelings and emotions that are getting in the way.  Emotions are energy and that is what the Universe will pick up on.  Apply the ideas in this article and notice how your new positive emotions will get the Law of Attraction working for you faster and more effectively.

Thank you for reading this article.  If you enjoyed it and found it useful, then please share it with other people, or on social media.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!


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