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The Law of Vibration is always working in your life, whether or not you realize it.  It’s the Law of Vibration that drives the Law of Attraction. After reading this article, you’ll understand what the Law of Vibration is, how it works and how to use it to your advantage.  I’ll keep it simple, so you can understand it easily.

In the past, spirituality and science were polar-opposites. Most of the spiritual philosophies could not be “proved” by science. However, with quantum physics, many spiritual concepts can now be explained scientifically. 

This makes it much easier to understand, believe, and use these spiritual principles to improve your life. The Law of Vibration is no exception.

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Everything is Energy

The first principle of the Law of Vibration is that everything is energy and energy is everything. Quantum Physics states that everything is energy too.

The chair you’re sitting on is energy, a table is energy. You are energy, trees are energy, animals are energy.  Even light and sound are energy.  If everything is energy, then ideas, thoughts and emotions are energy too.

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If you looked at your body through a powerful microscope, you would find that your body is made up of cells. Zoom in a little more and you’ll see that the cells are made up of tissues, atoms and molecules. Keep zooming in and you’ll discover that these atoms and molecules are pure energy.

Energy is Always Moving

The second principle of the Law of Vibration is that energy is always moving. It never stands still. It never rests. Instead, this energy moves in waves that go up and down. These waves are known as frequencies or vibrations.

Every object has its own frequency or vibration. A chair is pure energy vibrating at a certain frequency that makes it look like a chair.  The same with a table, plant or animal. 

Anything that is solid (including you and I) are a series of cells, atoms and molecules that are continually moving. It’s this movement (or vibration) that makes the object appear solid. We perceive it as solid, because our eyes cannot see the movement or vibration because it’s so fast.

The same energy can vibrate at different frequencies.  A brilliant example is radio waves.  Radio waves are energy and they are all around us.  However, the same radio wave energy has different frequencies.  Therefore, you can use your radio to tune into several different radio stations depending on whether you want to hear the news, the latest hits or classic rock.

Human beings are also energy that vibrate at a certain frequency. However, just like radio waves, we don’t all vibrate at the same frequency. A person that is good with money has a certain energy vibration.  Someone that always gets into terrible relationships has a different energy vibration.

Your vibratory frequency also influences your health.  A healthy human body has a frequency of between 62 and 70 Mhz. When the frequency drops to below 62 Mhz, cells begin to mutate. People with a cold or the flu have a frequency of around 58 Mhz. When the frequency drops below 42 Mhz, cancer can appear.

This explains why you might have a friend or family member that has constant health issues. They seem unrelated, but their vibrational frequency is the common link.

We naturally have a vibratory frequency range that we rarely go outside of.  This is known as a set-point or paradigm. This is controlled by our consistent, habitual and predictable ways of thinking, feeling and acting. As this is subconscious, it requires some effort to change. 

Now your energy and vibratory frequency vary each day.  Therefore, you might have “good” days when everything flows and seems effortless. Or bad days, when everything seems to go wrong.

You cannot see this vibratory energy, but you can sometimes feel it. When you enter a room after 2 people have had an argument, you can feel that energy. It influences how you think and behave. You might decide to tread lightly or leave the room.

Also in social situations, you’ll feel the energy of different people.  Some people radiate energy and light up the room.  They’re positive, enthusiastic, and full of life.  Other people drain your energy by complaining, moaning or thinking and talking negatively. 

So you now know that everything is energy and that all energy is moving or vibrating. That’s interesting, thought-provoking and could make an interesting talking point at parties! However, if you want to transform your life, then this next bit is crucial!

Like Energy Attracts Like Energy

The fundamental idea behind the Law of Attraction is that like energy attracts like energy.  So energy vibrating at a certain frequency attracts other energy that is also vibrating at the same frequency.

To explain this, I will talk about tuning forks for a moment. Tuning forks are used to help tune pianos and other musical instruments.  They have two prongs. When struck, the prongs vibrate and make a sound.

If after striking the first tuning fork, you place a second tuning fork close by, then it will pick up the vibration and make the same sound automatically.

So similar vibrations work in harmony with each other, and we call this resonance.

It’s exactly the same with people.  If you have an abundance mindset, you will attract abundance. A lack or scarcity mentality will attract more lack and scarcity. 

You don’t get what you want; you get what you are. This is super important to understand!  It’s who you are that truly makes the difference. 

But what are you? You are energy that is vibrating at a certain frequency. At the very core, this is who you are.  Your sense of identity, core beliefs, consistent thoughts and feelings can change your energy and vibration.

Energy is Never Created or Destroyed.

How often have you said that you want to create something in your life?  Perhaps it’s a new car, house, relationship or career. Well, the truth is that we don’t create anything!

According to quantum physics, energy is never created or destroyed. It just changes vibration. So anything that you want is energy that is vibrating at a frequency that you cannot see yet.

To understand this further, think about how a dog whistle works.  The sound from a dog whistle is at a pitch and vibratory frequency that is beyond what human ears can hear. However, the dog hears it because their ears are more sensitive to very high sounds. So the dog whistle exists even though we can’t hear it.

Whilst we can’t improve our hearing, so we hear the dog whistle, we can change our vibration in other ways, so we pick up or tune into things that are vibrating at a higher frequency.

So rather than thinking about creating things, focus on changing who you are, so that your level of vibration increases. You then resonate more with the things you desire.

You Can Change Your Vibrational Frequency

Physical objects, plants and animals cannot consciously change their vibrational frequency.  However, we can by changing our thoughts and more importantly feelings and emotions!

The most effective way to influence your vibrational frequency is to change your emotional state.

When you choose to feel happy, you create an energy vibration that is in harmony with happy feelings.  This then attracts more people, situations and opportunities that bring happiness to you.

If you are regularly upset, angry or feel inferior or worthless, then this will send out a different energy vibration and you’ll attract further situations or people that make you feel upset, angry, inferior or worthless.

It all starts with awareness.  Notice how you feel as you go through the day.  What situations or people trigger negative emotions?  What tasks or activities are you doing that don’t feel good?  How you feel is the best way to determine how your vibrational frequency changes from high to low.

How to Increase Your Level of Vibration

Now that you understand the science and the benefits of operating at a higher vibrational frequency, let’s look at some practical ways to raise your vibratory frequency.


When you feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, frustrated, impatient, angry (or any other negative emotion), it’s important to stop this in its tracks.  The best way to do this is to meditate.

Meditation will help you observe the limiting thoughts behind these negative emotions and let them go.  Relaxing the body and mind will also reduce the emotions and put things into perspective.  It will help you achieve more positive emotional states such as joy, happiness, peace or gratitude.

Meditation is also a superb way to get better at stopping old negative thoughts and replacing them with new positive thoughts.

Release Negative Energy

Many people hold negative emotions inside.  They believe that feeling or expressing these emotions is uncomfortable or not helpful. The Law of Vibration responds to long-term negative emotional states, so a good cry, or bashing some pillows is totally fine!

Journaling is also a brilliant way to release negative emotions. Just the act of writing down how you feel can help you release the emotions and gain a fresh perspective.

Eat High Frequency Foods

Every food has a vibrational frequency.  Therefore, eating foods that have a high vibratory frequency will increase your level of vibration.

Here are some examples of the types of foods based on their vibrational frequency:

  • Processed Foods = 0 MHz
  • Meat = 2 MHz
  • Fresh Herbs = 20-27 MHz
  • Fruit and Vegetables (especially the green ones) = 65-75 MHz
  • Green cold-pressed juice and spirulina = 170 MHz
  • Essential Oils – from 52 MHz to 320 MHz

Source – http://www.naturalawakeningssa.com/super-charged-high-and-low-frequencies-in-foods-in-our-bodies/

So what you eat has an enormous influence on your vibrational frequency.

High Frequency Emotional States

Positive emotional states influence the Law of Vibration far more than positive thoughts.  So the more you can experience positive emotional states, the better. Examples of high frequency emotional states are unconditional love, gratitude, joy, forgiveness and enthusiasm. 

You can get into a high-frequency state right now by:

  • Putting on some uplifting music and dancing!
  • Exercising
  • Performing random acts of kindness
  • Expressing gratitude
  • Keeping a gratitude journal.
  • Finding funny videos on YouTube (or other things that make you smile or laugh)
  • Reading inspirational books.

Choose High Vibration Situations and People

Spend more time with people that make you feel good. Those people that emit a higher vibratory frequency. I like to call them “radiators”, as they radiate positive energy.

Also, choose situations and places that make you feel good.  Nature has a high vibrational frequency, so getting out in nature will help raise your vibration.

Positive Thinking

How you think affects how you feel.  Consistent and persistent negative thoughts will lead to negative emotional states.  Consciously choose thoughts that make you feel good, empower you and move you towards your goals and dreams.

When you notice a negative thought, mentally say the word “STOP” and choose the opposite positive thought. 

Also think of those negative thoughts as coming from another person.  This will help you separate those thoughts from your sense of identity.

Become the observer of your thoughts.  Don’t judge them, just notice them.  This is easier to do when meditating, but can be done at other times too.

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To Conclude

When you believe in the things that you cannot see, you open yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities.  The Law of Vibration is invisible, but it’s all around us and ready to be tapped into.

Just remembering that everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies will change your perception and belief about what is possible.  When you apply some of the ways to raise your vibrational frequency, you’ll realize that the Law of Vibration is real. You’ll then find it easier to attract the things you want into your life and experience the “good life”!

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