Rapid Relaxation Exercise | How to Relax Completely in 6 minutes or less.

Rapid Relaxation Exercise

In this article, you will learn how to use the rapid relaxation exercise to relax completely in 6 minutes or less. This is a powerful exercise that you can do almost anywhere!

Use the rapid relaxation exercise whenever you feel stressed, overwhelmed or anxious. It will really help you physically relax and allow your mind to become quiet and centered.

The rapid relaxation exercise is a little unconventional! However, it’s super easy to learn and is a fantastic way to rapidly reduce stress and relax completely.

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Where and When to do the Rapid Relaxation Exercise

The rapid relaxation exercise can be done almost anywhere. You can do this in a car when you’re parked, on the bus or train, in the local park or out with nature. You can even do this on the toilet! It’s also a great exercise to do in bed as you’re going to sleep.

Don’t do it when you’re doing anything that requires your full concentration, such as when you’re driving.

This is a wonderful exercise to do whenever you feel stressed, can’t think straight or when reacting to things or acting emotionally. It will help you re-center yourself when your mind is getting too busy or if you feel overwhelmed.

It’s also great to do before meditating, visualizing or repeating affirmations because this exercise will help slow down your brainwaves from the Beta state down to the Alpha state. Your unconscious mind will then be more receptive to new ideas.

Once you have completed this exercise, you will typically feel much more centered, relaxed and at peace. Things that were bothering you a few minutes ago seem to be more manageable and less overwhelming.

I learned this exercise from Andrew Parr who is a very successful Harley Street hypnotherapist in London. However, the original ideas in this rapid relaxation exercise came from Andrew Newton and he is the hypnotist that trained Paul McKenna.

The best way to learn this exercise is to download my MP3 recording that will guide you through it. Click the link below.

Click here to download my MP3 audio file that will guide you through the Rapid Relaxation Exercise

Rapid Relaxation Exercise Script

Here is the script from the Rapid Relaxation MP3 recording.

The Starting Position

Rest the back of your hands on your knees with your palms facing upwards. You might have seen people meditating with their palms up, but that’s not the reason for you doing this now.

In fact, if you hold this position for a while, you will notice tension around the inner joint of your elbows and the top of the forearms inside.

Keeping the heals of your feet on the floor, lift up the rest of your feet and then curl your toes upwards.

This will create tension in the top of your foot and if you hold this for a while, the tension will build up along your legs as well.

Now, I want you to tilt your head back and look at a real or imaginary spot on the ceiling and just focus your gaze on that spot for a while.

Now take a big deep breath in through your mouth, in to your stomach, so that your stomach expands as you breathe in.

And as you breathe out, just letting go, almost like a sigh of relief

Relaxing Your Body

Now take another big deep breath in through your mouth, into your stomach, so that your stomach expands as you breathe in. and as you breathe out, just close your eyes.

Now take another nice big deep breathe in through your mouth and into your stomach, as you breathe out, allow your head to tilt forward towards your chest.

Now take another nice big deep breath in through your mouth to your stomach, and as you breathe out, turn your hands and arms over, so that your palms are facing downwards and your arms can relax.

Take another big deep breath in through your mouth to your stomach, and as you breathe out, allow your shoulders to sag, drop down and relax.

Take another big deep breathe in again, through your mouth to your stomach, and this time as you breathe out, gently relax your toes and allow your feet to return to the floor. It feels really nice to finally relax your feet and toes and feel their connection with the floor again. 

And, as you do that, notice your feet relaxing along with your ankles, calves, shins and all the other muscles in your legs.

Take another big deep breathe in again, through your mouth to your stomach, and as you breathe out, begin to loosen all the muscles and bones in the top of your body, so that they feel loose, limp, lazy, a very relaxed feeling.

Lights Visualization

Now in your mind, I want you to imagine that you’re looking at a very beautiful cityscape, a night-time city scene with beautiful skyscrapers with lots of lovely lights on. Sometimes those scenes can seem quite magical with all the little lights on,

Now starting from the buildings furthest away, I want you to see those lights being switched off now one by one. And I want you to switch those lights off and see them switching off as you do. So just one by one dtt dtt dtt dtt dtt dtt.

You watch the lights flickering out, and as you switch the lights off, you begin to switch off little parts of your body for a while. Your muscles, nerves, neurons, feelings, sensations, thoughts, just letting go, just beginning to close everything down for a while.

Take your time. Watch the lights there, and as you switch those lights off, watch as it gets darker and darker,  just heading towards a very comfortable, relaxing darkness.

So eventually when all those lights are out you are left in a very comfortable darkness and you feel very quiet, peaceful, serene and content.

Just stay there and enjoy feeling peaceful, relaxed, content and savouring the stillness and the tranquillity of this moment.

And, when you are ready, you can become aware of the sounds around you, the sensations in your body, and then you can open your eyes and come back to the here and now.

Now it’s your turn

Start by using my MP3 recording to guide you through the rapid relaxation exercise. After using my recording a few times, you will be able to learn and memorize the steps so that you can do the rapid relaxation exercise without the recording. You will also get quicker with practice and will soon be able to do this exercise in just 3 or 4 minutes.

Click here to download my Rapid Relaxation Exercise MP3 Recording

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    I felt more at ease and relaxed. Very simple, quick and effective relaxing exercise.
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