Therapy and Coaching

coaching and therapy self help for life

I offer three specific therapy or coaching services. These are all delivered online (usually via Zoom) at a time that works for you and me.


As a Professional Hypnotherapist and Clinical Member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association, I help people to stop smoking, lose weight, reduce stress & anxiety, resolve phobias, improve confidence, assist with pain relief and healing and improve performance in sports or other activities.

I can run extremely effective hypnosis sessions via Zoom, so you receive the same benefits and results as working face to face with me. My rate is US$120 per hour. Please contact me at to discuss your issue in greater detail and how I can help you resolve it.

Self Help Coaching

If you need someone to motivate, inspire and assist you in achieving a specific goal, then I can help with that. The bigger the better! My rate is US$120 per hour. Sessions will be via Zoom and I can record the sessions for you. Please get in touch by email at

Online Business Coaching

Over the last five years, I have built an email list of over 3,000 people, developed a successful blogging formula and a loyal following on YouTube and social media. I can help you with WordPress websites, Email Service Providers, Facebook and Google Ads, SEO and much more.

I also have a successful Hypnotherapy private practice website and can help other therapists attract more clients quickly.

Sessions will be via Zoom and I can record the sessions for you, so that you can refer back to them later. My rate is US$120 per hour. You can email me at for further details.

I look forward to working with you personally, so that you can achieve your goals and dreams even faster!

To your success